Shamanism is a path of direct revelation. It is an ancient spiritual practice with the understanding that everything has a spirit and all of life is connected. No two shamans will practice in exactly the same way because each will act according to the guidance of their own helping spirits.

It is understood that it is not technique that heals but the energy or intention behind the work. The shaman is seen as a bridge between ordinary and non-ordinary reality. The seen and unseen worlds.

Shamanism addresses the spiritual aspect of illness, helping to restore balance and wholeness and is a brilliant salve for the stresses and anxieties of our modern lives.


There are many ceremonies used in shamanism and one of the most common or core ceremonies is “The Shamanic Journey”.

Typically with the use of drums, rattles or other instruments the shaman will move into an altered or meditative state of consciousness in order to make contact with their helping spirits for guidance and healing.


The Shaman traditionally works in partnership with helping, compassionate spirits. They may appear in the form of animals, teachers in human form or even mythological creatures, as well as plants, trees or other nature spirits. They will present themselves according to the need for a particular teaching.

The ones who present themselves in animal form are referred to as “power animals” and it is believed they volunteer themselves to us before we are born in order to help guide us throughout our lives.

All animal spirits are known to be equal in power and represent the entirety of a species as opposed to a single animal.

As shamanism is a path of direct revelation, we develop and deepen our relationships with our helping spirits over time, gaining wisdom and insights into ourselves as well as all other life.